Bio Sculpture Gel

Bio Sculpture Gel is a strong, yet thin and flexible natural looking non chip nail colour that strengthens and conditions natural nails.

It is applied with a brush, rather like painting nail varnish on your nails except that it is set under a UVA light after each application. There is a base coat applied, two coloured layers, a sealing layer and finally a top coat to give a lovely glossy finish to the product.

Bio Sculpture Gel can be applied in either clear, french or colour. There is a fantastic selection of colours to choose from of which Nail Vision have over 30 in stock. Specific colours can be ordered for you in advance.


  • Bio Sculpture Gel strengthens and protects the natural nail
  • You walk out of the salon with completely dry nails
  • Bio Sculpture Gel lasts for at least 2 to 3 weeks after which infill’s can be applied to make them last yet another 2 to 3 weeks, making them an exceptionally economical service
  • Bio Sculpture Gel is easily soaked off by the salon in approx 15 minutes with no use of power tools or damage to the natural nail
  • Bio Sculpture Gel produces minimal dust, no odour and no fumes during application
  • Bio Sculpture Gel results in thin, strong and flexible, natural looking nails
  • Bio Sculpture Gel can be applied to both finger nails and toe nails but if you prefer to have gel only on your finger nails, then there are matching Bio Sculpture Nail Varnishes that can be applied or purchased at the Nail Vision Salon