Nail Care

  • The fundamental rule is to treat your nails as jewels not tools!
  • Always use gloves when washing up.
  • Try to use gloves whenever cleaning, the contents of many cleaning products are harsh and can damage or dehydrate hands and nails.
  • Try to use gloves whenever gardening, dirt and grit can get trapped in the edges of your beautiful new nails.
  • Always apply hand lotion after washing hands to maintain moisture of the hands and nails.
  • For more intense moisturising, use a cuticle oil such as CND’s Award Winning Solar Oil combined with a quality hand lotion and apply just before bedtime to experience their full effect.

Additional care for bio sculpture or minx nails

  • Never use the end of your nail to lift the end of a reel of tape. Find another tool such as a knife to do this, as frequently this action can lead to lifting of the Bio Sculpture Gel or Minx product at the end of the nail.
  • Never peel off your gel nails! Nails are constructed of many layers and doing so can lift not just the product but layers of your nails too! This results in weak and splitting nails. Make sure that you make an appointment to have them professionally soaked off in the salon. It takes only a quarter of an hour and is completely pain free, leaving your nails strong and naturally healthy. Some clients prefer to soak the gel offthemselves, so Bio Sculpture Gel Remover is available to purchase in the salon but it would be advised that you have had at least one removal professionally done first so that you can see how it is done.
  • To maintain the shine of your beautiful gel nails, use Bio Sculpture nail polish remover (acetone free) to remove the top coat and reapply Bio Sculpture high gloss blue top coat approximately once a week or whenever you feel it is required. All Bio Sculpture products are available from the Nail Vision Salon at very reasonable prices.